Wilna @ Antoinette’s … Sending a shout out to Joey, the Queen of our Kitchen



If you are a frequent visitor to Antoinette’s FaceBook Page, you will know by now that Chef Joey and Chef Antoinette participated in the reality Cooking Competition – Queen of the Kitchen.




First of all, we would like to congratulate the winners of this competition;

Mariska and Beauty from New Holme Karoo Guest Farm, keep the Queen of the Kitchen Crown shining and good luck with the TV production of ‘Oes’ at your beautiful Game Farm.


            This beautiful picture of Beauty, Mariska and PC Ferreira,  in front of the main sponsor’s banner, was published on Facebook Friday Morning 29 September 2017.  The story of Beauty is heart-warming, but not what this blog is about.


Antoinette was contacted by Anton Barkhuizen the Co-ordinator of Queen of the Kitchen, during November 2016, inviting Antoinette to nominate our kitchen assistant to participate.  Chef Joey was very excited when we told her about this competition and decided that she definitely would like to represent herself and Antoinette’s Cookery School.


For those of you that do not know what Queen of the kitchen is about: https://m.facebook.com/notes/queen-of-the-kitchen/queen-of-the-kitchen-competition/157393014670497/


Chef Joey decided to participate in this competition even though we were informed two weeks before the competition who will be the winners. Chef Joey, we would like you to know that you are definitely the true Queen of our Kitchen. We are bursting with pride, your attitude, your enthusiasm, your knowledge and the way you represented yourself and Antoinette’s Cookery School, was “fantasmagories”.

You have grown so much with us during the past 15 years, and will always be part of our family!!  Congratulations on being the bubbliest participant, you and Chef Antoinette have always been our effervescent chefs.


Antoinette’s Cookery School had the privilege to sponsor a cooking event for one of the main sponsors of the Queen of the Kitchen – McCarthy – Volkswagen Witbank.






Sadly, McCarthy’s sponsorship was withdrawn; well at least they have great memories from Antoinette’s Kitchen.

Here are some of the memorable moments during the past week –

Chef Joey’s menus for the cooking competition:






Moments in the Queen of the Kitchen – Kitchen













Chef Joey’s food creations












Antoinette’s Cookery School wishes to congratulate each and every participant in the Queen of the Kitchen Reality Cooking Competition, you are all winners, you have travelled far, you have stressed a lot and apart from the challenging circumstances, you have done your best.  Remember you are always welcome in our Kitchen.

To the co-ordinator and brainchild behind Queen of the Kitchen, what can we say, it was an adventure, may the next production be successful.



A very proud Wilna @ Antoinette’s