Terms and Conditions


  1. Class content and prices may change without prior notification.
  2. The coordinator or organizer of the function or cooking session will be held responsible for any damages and/or losses occurred by any of the participants and/or Antoinette’s Cookery School during the function.
  1. Duration of all Themed cooking, Corporate and Private Classes is 4 hours.


    • Evening classes will start at 18h00 and finish at 22h00, the Cookery school will be open to receive guests from 17h30, and guests have to leave the premises by no later than 23h00.
    • Day classes will start at 10h00 and finish at 14h00, the Cookery School will be open to receive guests from 09h30, and guests have to leave the premises by no later than 15h00.
    • Afternoon classes will start at 14h00 and finish at 18h00, the Cookery School will be open to receive guests from 13h30, and guests have to leave the premises by no later than 19h00.
    • In the event of a Corporate or Private group cooking class, an additional hour will be allowed (5 hours) however, should a group stay longer than the prescribed time; an R1000 per hour venue fee will be charged, starting after the first 5 hours.
  2. All classes consist of a minimum of 10 participants and a maximum of 16, the only exceptions are prior arrangements.
  1. Cancellation Guidelines – After confirmation of your booking with a payment, you will forfeit 50% of the class fee in the event of your cancellation. Antoinette’s Cookery School reserves the right to cancel classes subject to minimum participants not attending; however, we will try to accommodate all participants in presenting the class on another date or arranging a full refund.
  1. Duration of Mini Chef Birthday parties is approximately 2 hours.
  • All the Mini chefs must be 5 years until 13 years, thereafter we would propose our options for Teen Birthday parties.
  • A minimum of 10 Mini Chefs will be accommodated and a maximum of 16.
  • In the case where more Mini Chefs than the confirmed number arrive at the party, an additional 20% will be charged to the per person fee, payable immediately, to cover last minute preparations.
  • Should the Mini Chef party have two birthday Mini Chef’s, additional fees will be invoiced as discussed with the organizer.
  • The names of all the attending Mini Chef’s must be emailed to Antoinette’s Cookery School 7 days prior commencement of the party. On receipt of the names, the final invoice will be issued for payment, 7 days before the party.
  1. All classes are fully hands-on, knives are sharp, we are cooking with gas, counters are adult size, all participants have to be in full control of all their actions at all times. For this reason, we are unfortunately unable to accommodate children younger than sixteen years of age during themed and private group cooking sessions unless prior written arrangements have been made with Antoinette’s Cookery School.
  1. We do not have babysitting facilities and do not allow persons that are not cooking on our premises while we are busy with a cooking event. Please note and respect this as it will not be allowed.
  1. The main purpose of Antoinette’s Cookery School is to teach cooking skills in a fun milieu, with the emphasis on hands-on cooking, having fun and socializing.
  1. To ensure that our Chefs have control, we are unable to accommodate individuals who are not cooperating, rowdy and unruly as this, without a doubt, leads to a breakdown of the class, creating an unpleasant atmosphere for the rest of the group. We would look to the organizer of the group to make this clear to all participants and to control the group.
  1. Antoinette's Cookery School is an adult cookery school children from 17 years will only be allowed when accompanied by an adult and will pay the full class fee.
  1. We reserve the right to end the class prematurely should the group become too unruly and we will not consider any refunds. The coordinator or organizer of the group will be held liable for costs arising from damages caused to property and equipment due to negligence on the part of unruly participants.
  1. Antoinette’s Cookery School supplies all ingredients, aprons to use during the class presentation as well as a recipe booklet.  Aprons must be returned after the class presentation, unless personalized aprons were ordered, which clients then take home.
  1.  Antoinette’s Cookery School is the sole provider of aprons for clients or mini chefs for use at the Cookery School or as part of a corporate package.
  1. For your comfort, please dress comfortably and preferably wear flat gym shoes, remember to bring something warm to wear, especially in winter time.
  1. For drinks, Antoinette’s Cookery School supplies limited, fruit juice, coffee, and tea.
  • Participants are welcome to bring their own beer, cider, and soft drinks. Please contact the School prior to delivery for directions and suitable time. The School does not have storage facilities and all deliveries must take place no more than one working day prior to the event.
  • Due to licensing laws, spirits are not allowed to be consumed on the premises. All cooking participants are asked to refrain from consuming alcohol prior to the class and participants disregarding these stipulations will be asked to terminate their participation in the class immediately and be removed from the Cookery School if necessary.
  1. Please note that due to the format of classes, if ingredients have to be substituted for clients the whole class will need to use these ingredients. We can unfortunately not accommodate special dietary requirements and allergies. Please also note that some ingredients cannot be substituted. Antoinette’s Cookery School is not a Halaal kitchen although there will always be vegetarian dishes in each themed cooking class.
  1. At the end of the class, participants are invited to sit down and enjoy their own creations, an ideal way to interact with each other.
  1. To avoid disappointment, Antoinette’s Cookery School suggests that client’s book private group sessions at their earliest convenience. Group sessions booked will be confirmed and finalized 7 days before the confirmed booked date. To confirm a booking, Antoinette’s Cookery School requires a 50% non-refundable deposit, with the balance paid not later than 7 days prior to the event. Classes shall not be run, and Antoinette’s Cookery School reserves the right to re-sell the date if full fees are not received 7 days prior. Once bookings have been confirmed, no changes to the dates shall be considered if they are made less than 7 days prior to the original date. No refunds shall be considered for changes in numbers within 7 working days of the booked dates.
  1. When making a booking for a scheduled class, your internet booking is not a confirmed booking, you will receive a registration document from Antoinette’s for completion, as soon as Antoinette’s receives your completed registration document and proof of payment of a 50% deposit you’re booking will be confirmed via email. Please note the 50% deposit is non-refundable. In the event of you having to cancel your booking for some reason or the other, please try to do so before the class has been confirmed, we will then gladly transfer your confirmed booking to another scheduled class as per your instruction, but in the event of your cancellation after confirmation of the class you will, unfortunately, forfeit your 50% non-refundable deposit on which your booking was confirmed. However, should it happen that Antoinette’s did not receive minimum booking to present a class, and have to cancel the scheduled class, Antoinette’s will give you the option to either reschedule your booking or request a full refund.
  1. In the event of a confirmed group booking being canceled by the client, the client will be liable for all legal fees arising out of the non-payment of the invoice. No refund or change in the booking will be considered.
  1. Buying a voucher from Antoinette’s for a foodie friend or family member is an amazing and extraordinary gift. Antoinette’s Cookery School vouchers are valid for 12 glorious months!   As with any voucher, it is not redeemable for cash, and not refundable.  A booking on a voucher will have to meet with the same mandatory minimum booking of 10 persons for a scheduled class.  Should it happen that the class booked by you with your voucher is not presented on the scheduled date due to Antoinette’s not receiving minimum confirmed bookings; your voucher booking will be transferred to the next scheduled class as per your voucher of your choice. 
  1. Although every precaution has been taken to ensure the safety of participants, their belongings and their vehicles, Antoinette’s Cookery School and its staff cannot be held responsible for any injuries or loss that may occur while on the premises of Antoinette’s Cookery School.
  1. When attending a class at Antoinette’s Cookery School, it is imperative that all terms and conditions are understood and accepted by all participants.