and another one bites the dust

‘And another one bites the dust’

I have jinxed you…. You will be singing to ‘Queen’s’ very famous song for the rest of the day….



What an eventful year 2016 has been at Antoinette’s and it is hard to believe     that this one has come to an end so fast.

We created and decorated masterpieces out of delectable sugar under the skilful hands of Chef Malissa of  Malberry Cakes.



We had two eventful and out of the ordinary moments in the kitchen with Jacaranda 94.7.

We had the amazing privilege to share our kitchen and beautiful food with you.

Remember to include Antoinette's on your to do list for 2017


Congratulations Chef Joey on completing 5 new Domestic Day to day cooking courses during 2016, well done you are a skilful and courageous Chef!

Those famalies who now are enjoying the delicious Domestic Day to Day creations, we want to thank you that we could have been part of this fantastic uplifting event.



On a personal note, I wish to thank my amazing family, your help and constant support of my passion for food and sharing, would not be possible without your input.

To my two precious little girls, you are the most understanding small human beings that enrich my life every second.





We would like to wish each and every one of you a relaxed and joyful festive season filled with incredible good food, amazing company, bottles and bottles of remarkable wines, and may we all enter 2017 with sprinklings of love and happy laughter.



See you in the New Year, with a few events for your calendar:

As always we have to make plans for 2017 our schedule is on the website. Please plan your personal schedule according to the classes on our calendar, we love having you in our kitchen.


Look out for the Chef’s Choice classes – these will be shorter classes with more specific food ideas.





Malberry Cakes will present their more advanced cake decorating courses during 2017, as well as the beginner classes.






Antoinette’s will be celebrating the Month of Love during February, make your booking for the Valentine Couples Cooking Classes asap, there is limited space left.









Remember to give during this time 

There is so much satisfaction in giving, much more than receiving.During this time we would like to remind you of KiDeo – A place to call home, please visit their website  or facebook page you will find a list on their website and facebook page of their needs for 2017.

The kids from KiDeo are very close to Antoinette’s heart and there is always a need. Please open your hearts and give rather than receive.


To receive my special gift to you click here :