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The 8 week Kitchen Skills course presented by Chef Antoinette was created more than 13 years ago; this course developed during the years to become the most popular course presented at Antoinette’s Cookery School.


This course is for every person who knows that they can learn more about creating gastronomic dishes, become more confident in preparing day-to-day dishes and all the additional exciting kitchen skills to make your life a dream. Apart from getting to know yourself in the kitchen and developing the self-esteem that any good home cook should have, this course will empower you and create friendships that will last for long.


Participants will be taught a variety of new and exciting skills and will be introduced to new and upcoming kitchen utensils and gadgets you cannot be without, new products and spices.

As well as how to create and maintain your own herb garden, and enjoying the fresh herbs in your dishes.

And, you will learn which oil is the best to use: Olive or Avo, Sunflower or Canola, Chef Antoinette will discuss the pro’s and con’s of ‘mono’ and ‘poly’ saturated and unsaturated fats.

Scheduled on a Thursday evening from 18h00 – 22h00, I must be honest, we sometimes finish way past 22h00, there is just so much to be shared, so many recipes, tips and shortcuts.  Apart from the recipe bundle with between 30 and 100 recipes handed to you during each class, there are different topics of interest that Chef Antoinette will attend to. 

With each cooking class topic there will be a topic of interest that will be discussed. Starting with Soups and Stocks, how to prepare a fresh bone stock or chicken stock or perhaps a fresh fish stock is what tickles your fancy.  Making a good, no…. a great sauce, all the best tips and tricks.


The all-time  family stand-by, Minced Meat.  You will be amazed at all the different possibilities on how to pre-prepare, freeze, and stretch your weekly preparation of your family’s go-to.


During the Chicken class you will learn how to properly portion a chicken, and to debone a chicken without creating 'roadkill'.


The special Baking class focuses on healthy family baking, easy quiches, health bread and muffins, something to fill lunchboxes with and to create smiles on the faces of those you love.



There is a whole class on Veggie’s and Starches, great side dishes to accompany any dinner feast.

The Red Meat class is also a favourite as most of us are carnivores. During this class, Chef Antoinette will discuss different meat cuts, guiding you with fantastic recipes on how to use and prepare delicious meat dishes.

The course will be concluded with a Desert class, need I say more! From mousses to ice-cream, cakes, pies and special treats.  What a way to finish of a life changing 8 week course!

Chef Antoinette will discuss menu planning for a family in detail, how to simplify your shopping and meal preparation.


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The following testimonial was received from Nicol Kriek who completed the kitchen skills course during 2016:





   Nicol and his daughter enjoying the Cooking with Dad Class for Father's Day




Antoinette has the skill to convey a lot of kitchen knowledge in short time, in a manner that is fun and memorable.

I gained a lot of confidence by learning the fundamentals/theory all the way through the practical cooking and tasting of great recipes.

I’m definitely keeping the recipes that we were taught and I love the fact that I can now make my own sauces for meat up to mayo, tomato sauce etc.

My friends love the new skills and not to mention the new friends you make at the course over 8 weeks.

Great place to meet new people, learn new skills and to have fun in a social setup.

Antoinette has years of knowledge and experience and she is not your typical chef, she is also fun to be around with!

Bring your wine and happy cooking!


During 2017 this 8 week course will be presented according to the Antoinette’s schedule on a Thursday evening from 18h00 – 22h00.  The course fee will be R5280 for the 8 classes.  Antoinette’s provides everything, you only have to bring along your enthusiasm and a bottle of wine.  We will also provide you with a personalised apron.


At Antoinette’s we love the 8 week kitchen skills course, not only do you get to know 12 individuals during 8 weeks, you can see their development and growing confidence in the kitchen, that is the most satisfaction anybody can receive.

Remember to visit Antoinette’s Cookery School – Facebook page and group for photos and more information regarding the kitchen skills course. You are also welcome to send us and email to or visit the website

Hope to see you in our kitchen during 2017

Lots of love from our kitchen to yours.

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