Domestic day to day Cooking Course


Course 1 – classes 101-104 and Course 2 – classes 201-204

Presented by Chef Joey Setshedi under the guidance of Chef Antoinette Coetzer

Whether you want your domestic worker to learn the basic of boiling water or to satisfy their personal desire to whip up a mouth-watering dessert, the Domestic Day to Day Cooking Course will achieve just that. The main purpose of this course is to explain, teach and guide your domestic how to prepare a complete meal within a four hour training session, including several variations.  

Basic theory of this course:domestic day to day cooking

  • Discussion on the use and maintaining of basic kitchen equipment, knife skills, measuring and mixing methods.

  • Kitchen and food hygiene

  • Portioning of chicken

  • Basic baking, frying and grilling

  • Sauces and soups

  • Menu planning and shopping lists

Each class will start with a discussion of the recipes that will be prepared, methods that will be used as well as the ingredients. Chef Joey will demonstrate, while explaining to participants how to interpret and execute a recipe with success.  Attendees will participate in preparing recipes by them self. Variations on recipes will be discussed, explained and demonstrated. No prior experience is necessary to join any of Antoinette’s cooking classes – just the ability to read and write and a love of great food!

The Domestic day to day Cooking course was received with so much positive feedback and requests for a follow up, that Chef Antoinette and Chef Joey took time to develop a second course. Antoinette’s is very excited to introduce our Domestic day to day 201-204 classes that will be presented during 2017.

Course 1 – Course fee for 2017 is only R2640 for 4 classes

Course 2 – Course fee for 2017 is only R2640 for 4 classes

  1. The guidance and assistance of Chef Joey

  2. Each class will be accompanies with a recipe booklet and notes to take home.

  3. The ingredients of dishes that will be prepared with each class.

  4. Coffee and tea will be served during the class.

  5. The use of an Antoinette’s Cookery School apron during the class.

  6. At completion of this course a Certificate of Attendance will be issued.