New courses for 2019

Basic Baking and Cake Decorating

This 4-day course will teach participants how to create amazing cakes and cupcakes for their  own functions or their  community’s small functions like christenings and weddings.

Learn to cook for young adults

Learn to Cook for young adults is a cooking course specially created to fit into our modern fast living times, to assist parents in teaching youngsters to cook in our current ”fast forward’ lives. This course is for 16-year-olds and older.

Corporate events / Team Builds / Private Group Cooking

Antoinette’s Cookery School is the ultimate experience for your next team build function, social function, end of the year function or just to get to know your friends and colleagues better.

We cater for executives and “culinary lay-men” with the emphasis on enjoying working as a team. Remember, ‘Together Everyone Achieves More (TEAM)’. For more information about group cooking sessions email us –

Kitchen Skills

This course is specially created for the novice cook, the person who is bored with “what are we eating tonight?” as well as the one who has reached the “no-longer-has- something-new-to-cook-in-the-kitchen” stage.

Participants of this course will not only leave with the skills to run their own household kitchen to the utmost of their abilities, but Antoinette’s Cookery School also provides the participants with more knowledge including, but not limited to, kitchen utensils and products.

Due to the popularity of Antoinette’s 8-week kitchen skills course a follow-up course – Xtreme Kitchen Skills was developed – this 4-week course will take you on a Xtreme culinary journey

Domestic Day to Day

Whether you want your domestic worker to learn the basic of boiling water or to satisfy their personal desire to whip up a mouth-watering dessert, the Domestic Day to Day Cooking Course will achieve just that. The main purpose of this course is to explain, teach and guide your domestic how to prepare a complete meal within a four-hour training session, including several variations.

Kids in the Kitchen 

Antoinette’s Kids in the Kitchen is a variety of classes and adventures presented for kids, teens and young adults.

Our Mini Chefs birthday parties will ensure memories of exceptional food pleasure and non-stop fun for every Mini Chef, more information in this regard can be obtained by sending us an email to

Teen Birthday Parties are a bit more advanced and hands-on where teens get the opportunity to prepare dishes by themselves and the sit down to enjoy their prepared dishes together.

Holiday Fun is presented during school holidays not only will kids create fun dishes in the Kitchen, but Artist Sarie from ‘Die Kuns Klas’ will ensure that the last bit of creative juices is used in fabulous art creations.

Learn to cook for Young Adults, is a 4-day course created with young adults in mind, students running around at varsity, and even those that started their adult life as new professionals.  This course will help them to prepare healthy meals in a jiffy.

Themed Culinary classes

Antoinette’s Cookery School presents a wide variety of themed classes based on cultures, countries or specific gastronomic experiences; presented according to Antoinette’s schedule on a Wednesday evening from 18h00 – 22h00. These classes are hands-on, social classes and are fun with a culinary entertainment with a twist.

Malberry Cakes – the Art of Cake Decorating

The art of cake decorating will have something for everyone. Young and old can participate and beginner and advanced classes will be available.

We have a 3 Course layout which is continually updated and improved. We teach anyone from hobby bakers and moms to people who want to start or has their own cake decorating business. Spending time in our cake decorating classes and tutorials is an experience that you will not forget in a hurry, as you acquire fun, engaging, and life-long skills that you will be able to use to impress everyone you meet.