Team Building Group Cooking

Many companies are realizing the importance of using cooking as a Corporate Team Building events. A purposely build Pretoria Team Building Venue is most definitely Antoinette's Cookery School, a  perfect cooking school that will proof a valuable asset in inter and intra company relations, specifically for Team Building events, Corporate Cooking Events and Group Cooking.

Corporate Events in Pretoria

Hosting your clients at a specially organized corporate event in Pretoria is an excellent way of them getting to know you and your company better. Bringing them to Antoinette’s Cookery School gives you the opportunity of experiencing something extraordinary, a Corporate event in Centurion, and at the same time gives them a chance of preparing gastronomic dishes they would not usually consider preparing. 

These casual but friendly structured corporate events in Centurion will put you one step ahead of your competitors.

Team Building in Centurion

Many companies are continually looking for new and proactive ways to improve team spirit.  What better way than a hands on cooking experience. When working together in a cooking team you and your colleagues will get to know each other better and at the end of this fun hands on exercise everybody will sit down together, and enjoy the prepared food.

Private group cooking

If you have a special event coming along such as a  milestone birthday or anniversary, bring your friends to a hands on themed cooking lesson.