Kitchen Skills

For every person who knows that they can learn more about creating gastronomic dishes, become more confident in presenting day-to-day dishes and all the additional exciting kitchen skills to make your life a dream, this is an 8 week course especially for that purpose. This course provides participants with the necessary skills to be confident in their own kitchen. Participants will be taught a vast variety of new and exciting skills and be introduced to kitchen utensils, new products, and spices. Participants will also gain the skills to work out an eating plan and shopping list for at least a month with all the new recipes.

All the classes are hands on, participants prepare the dishes in the cookery school. Please note that class content may change from time to time.

Class fee for 2017 – including all the ingredients and an apron only R5280 for the 8 classes.

Class 1

Introduction to Soup:

The interpretation of a recipe, the correct use of kitchen equipment, utensils and the handling of a Cook's knife is only the beginning of the journey.

Class 2

Introduction to Minced Meat:

During this class the importance of personal and kitchen hygiene will also be discussed. Whole spices will form part of this class.

Class 3

Introduction to Chicken:

A walk through Antoinette’s garden will introduce you to a wide variety of herbs as well as information on when and where to use it. Portioning and deboning of a whole chicken is taught in this class.

Class 4

Introduction to Baking:

We do indeed bake for fun. As part of this class, nutrition and 2-week menu planning is covered.

Class 5

Introduction to Vegetables and Cooking a Side Dish:

How to prepare family favourite veggie’s. This class also explains various cooking methods.

Class 6

Introduction to a broad spectrum of Starches:

An oil tasting will commence a class filled with remarkable starch recipes.

Class 7

Introduction to Meats, Meat Cuts and Cooking Methods:

Different meat cuts of beef, lamb as well as pork will be discussed during this class where also a variety of tasteful meat recipes will be shared and cooked.

Class 8

Introduction to a variety of Desserts as well as presentation:

Presentation and styling of food will be discussed during this class as well as applied to a variety of sweet delectable recipes and creations.