The art behind Cake Decorating – Malberry Cakes

Antoinette's Cookery School and Malberry Cakes 

These classes will commence 2018

Antoinette’s Cookery School is very excited to announce that Malberry Cakes and Chef Malissa Barnard will be presenting Cake Decorating Courses at Antoinette’s.

The art of cake decorating will have something for everyone. Young and old can participate and beginner and advanced classes will be available.

We have a 3 Course layout which is continually updated and improved. We teach anyone from hobby bakers and moms to people who want to start or has their own cake decorating business. Spending time in our cake decorating classes and tutorials is an experience that you will not forget in a hurry, as you acquire fun, engaging, and life-long skills that you will be able to use to impress everyone you meet.



Class 101
Buttercream and ganache 

Class 102
Basics of fondant

Class 103
3D fondant and basic sculpting

Class 104
Buttercream cupcakes and piping techniques

Buttercream and Ganache dripping cake copy Basics of fondant 3D fondant and basic sculpting 103 Buttercream cupcakes and piping techniques 104



Class 201 

Class 202
Fondant topper and stacking

Class 203
Gumpaste Flowers and texture

Class 204
Double barrel and fondant ruffles

Gravity defying 201 Fondant topper and stacking 202 Gumpaste Flowers and Texture 203 Double barrel and fondant ruffles 204


Class 301
Topsy Turvy

Class 302
Handbag cake

Class 303
Gravity-defying 3D cake – Dinosaur

Class 304
Advanced piping and lace techniques

Topsy Turvy 301

Handbag cake 302

Gravity defying 3D cake - dinasaur 303

Advance piping and lace techniques 304